We offer a variety of treatments to suit our client's needs whether you are wanting a relaxation massage or a therapeutic treatment to address pain or dysfunction. 

​Hot Stones Massage
​60 min - $65

Hot Stones massage uses special basalt stones that are heated and placed on the client's body. The heat from the stones allow a deep relaxation in the muscles which allows the therapist to work deeply into the body without discomfort.

​Deep Tissue Massage
​60 min - $75

Don't mistake deep pressure during a massage for deep tissue. Deep tissue massage targets the connective tissue and deeper muscles of the body to help with muscle damage from injuries. Deep tissue is more specific than a general full-body massage.

​Swedish Massage
​60 min - $65

Swedish massage is the best known of the Western styles of massage. It can have a beneficial effect on the body by increasing circulation and relaxation. It can be therapeutic though usualy is used to relax.

30 min - $35


For thousands of years reflexology has been used to heal. There are points on the feet/hands/ears that refer to other parts of the body, so by pressing on these points you can have a overall beneficial effect on the person's health.



Medical Massage
​60 min - $75

Medical massage is the application of treatments by a massage therapist to address specific medical conditions presented by the client. Various treatments may be utilized by the therapist in order to effect a positive result. 

Craniosacral Massage
60 min - $65

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle therapeutic approach that helps release tensions deep in the body which leads to whole body improvement. Practitioners release restrictions in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system which is directly involved in a person's health.